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Why Mail2Meal?

Pay for quantity you eat

Every individual item served by us is designed in smallest quantity, this helps in less food wastage and cost saving.

With Other Vendor/ Restaurants

You can only order an Biriyani ( 750 gms ) by paying 100 ~ 120rs that will give you no room to try other varieties, and this quantity is too much to have it daily.

With Mail2Meal

Biriyani (350 gms) + White Rice + Rasam + Jamoon. At a lesser cost !!

No Combo restriction

You are free to pick your Unique combo.

With Other Vendor

We are actually forced to pay full cost of Thali/Meals even if you choose to eat 2 or 3 items in a Thali/Meals.

With Mail2Meal

Every items are individual picks you can choose your choice and order, if you choose only sambar then you pay us only for that.

Unique combo @ pocket friendly cost:

With Other Vendor

If you try to have a combo which would easily cost you around Rs 120.

With Mail2Meal

You can have your Veg/Non Veg combo at an average cost 60-80.

Order the food in less than 60 sec

With Other Vendor

Waiting queue for billing and a separate queue for getting the food ordered.

With Mail2Meal

All you need to do is log-in and order. Please visit to know how simple it works!

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1. Do we have a minimum order? And how do I pay it?

Your minimum order is ₹20, payment is cash on delivery.

2. What if I am the only person who have ordered from my company?

We will still deliver.

3. Do you accept Sodexo?


4. How about offers?

We do have frequent surprising offers, specially for valued feedbacks.

5. Is food served is hot?

Yes! What ever food is delivered to you is cooked fresh and served hot, we don't preserve food for next day, just like home.

6. How do I know if my order is placed?

We will send order confirmation SMS on your mobile number registered, you can also call us on 9845550715, or check in my accounts after logging in.

7. What if food is late?

If your order is delivered 45mins late than your lunch hour food is for free, provided you are registered in proper company name and your registered mobile number is reachable.

8. Do you provide only Lunch?

Currently yes, we are planning to spread our services more.

9. How do I change my registered company?

Please post a feedback of your change location, we will update it by end of the day.

10. How do I escalate my problem?

Feedbacks are only accessible to senior administrators, and actions are taken in" top down approach", feedbacks are best way for escalation.

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How we work?

Order time: 9:00 A.M. to 11:45 A.M.

Deliver time: 12:30 P.M. / 1:00 P.M.

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Registration & Login

Log on to by default you will be on register field.

Fill in 4 fields to complete your one time registration process.

1. First Name : Order identification.

2. Last Name : Order identification.

3. E-Mail : Password regeneration.

4. Mobile number(10 digit) : Updating order status, SMS acknowledgement of items ordered, Password generation.

5. Password :The Password for Customer security.

6. Confirm Password : For Confirming the Password.


After Registration

Choose I have a login enter Mobile number and password you received through SMS.

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Quantity meter

Displays number of item quantity is left.

Note: If quantity clocks zero than quantity meter be "SOLD".

Adding to cart

Order your desired quantity and click on "+" it will added to cart.

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Cart & Feedback

On your order time expire, the cart will automatically display "sorry we are closed" & display your order timing & delivery timing.

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Order cancellation & User account

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